torsdag, maj 8

Älska så det gör ont

How far away is sleep now
In between the sheets it´s cool
Hidden under blankets of plastic and cellophane blue
The temperature is rising
And I will fake a fever too
There are still so many things I wouldn´t do

I feel like I am naked
An emperor without his clothes
And still my hands are shaking
Broken with an overdose
On chemicals I´m burning
Drunk deadly and old
And still there´s something here That leaves me cold

She´s awake now
I know that she´s awake now
I´m awake now
She knows that I´m awake now
We´re awake now
We know that it is over
And it is obvious now
Still we´re waiting

Close enough to smell it
Take a deep breath relax
Out upon the stairway
It´s frozen and it shines like glass
We´ve been sleeping through September
And we´re brittle as the frozen grass
And still I think I know I´m coming back

What if I´m wrong?
I could be wrong...

(Älskar kent så det gör ont..)